Topics of Talks/Presentations

Topics of Talks/Presentations

3rd Annual Kindful Canada Symposium
OE Banquet & Conference Centre – September 28, 2019

Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation & Canada: A Kindful Nation
Making Canada More Mindful and Kinder Nation
With Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better” - Dalai Lama.


1. Kindness and Empathy
By Avis Favaro
Medical Correspondent, CTV National News

Using two decades of her experiences as a medical correspondent of the CTV National News, Avis Favaro is going to speak about kindness and empathy and how scientists are trying to learn about where these feelings and actions originate in the brain - how to scientifically verify it and understand it- so that this important trait is fostered in future generations.


2. Why Mindfulness and Kindness are Essential in the Field of Business
By Brian Crombie
Principal of Crombie Capital Health Leadership Academy

Brian Crombie will speak on Community and the Power of Co. Brian is completing his DBA in Social Capital and the combination of his career and academic work has led him to the conclusion that Social Capital is a driving force in personal and business success. Kindfulness is an important if not critical ingredient in building and possessing effective Social Capital.

3. Walk the Four Quadrants: The physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional
By Doug Gray
White Eagle, First Nation Storyteller, Shamanic Teacher of Sacred Medicine, International Speaker

As we walk the Medicine Wheel of Life we must walk the four Quadrants: the physical/Spiritual/Mental/Emotional. All are equal to each other. One of our challenges in walking the sacred hoop is learning the Pathway to surrender. Letting go in order to know balance in our lives come with me & we will walk
the Sacred medicine Wheel together. See you there!

White Eagle


4. Neuroscience and Recent Research: Providing a Better Understanding of Our True Nature and Our Connectedness to Self, Others and Mother Earth
By Dr. Mitchell Abrams
CEO and Founder of NextGenHealth
Director of Medical Humanities Canadian International Science Exchange Program
University of Toronto

Combining his radiology background with his spiritual learnings from India, Dr. Abrams explores energy from both Western scientific and Eastern spiritual contexts as it relates to mental health, consciousness, and interconnectedness. Empowering audiences with knowledge, Abrams inspires communities to learn, heal and grow together.


5. Interconnectedness, Compassion and Kindfulness
By Wayne Mouland
Author and Founder of Eco Movement

Wayne will be speaking on the beauty of being Mindfully Kindful and the magic that takes place from that space and how it can create a ripple effect of love from even the smallest act of kindness. He will also touch on being kind to ourselves and Mother Earth.